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Department of Brewology

Coffee: Arnulfo Leguizamo - Finca El Faldon - San Agustín - Columbia - Huila - Caturra



We are very happy to feature an offering from Finca El Faldón, San Agustín, Huila Columbia.  Cultivated at 1840 masl, this Washed Caturra is mellow and soft with tart citric acidity, lemon and praline flavors. As part of our #givebacktocoffee initiative, we're giving 10% of every bag sold directly back to the producer, Arnulfo Leguizamo. We hope that you would join us in our effort to further support coffee producers during these turbulent times.   

Arnulfo Leguizamo - Finca El Faldon - San Agustín - Huila - Columbia

12oz / 340g of coffee

For a limited time, each bag of coffee includes a randomly selected Barista Merit Badge ($10 value).

Transparency Statement: 

Department of Brewology, as part of our new #givebacktocoffee initiative, will be committed to responsibly addressing these issues in several ways including, but not limited to:

1.) We will facilitate two-way transparency where the coffee farmer is included in the process of how we market and sell their coffees, this includes disclosure of costs & margins. 
2.) We will donate 10% of every coffee sale directly back to the coffee farmer. 
3.) We hope to create on-ramps for the coffee consumer to contribute to positively impacting the livelihood and well-being of coffee farmers.

While we understand the issues that plague the coffee supply chain are much bigger than for one company to solve, our hope is that we can tip the scales in the farmer's favor, even if just by a small margin.  We know as newcomers to this industry our understanding on these complex issues will likely evolve and grow.  We hope that you would consider joining us on our journey as we work to effect positive change in the specialty coffee community.


Costs associated with this coffee:

EX/WH (Costs of Green): $5.30

Packaging: $2.00

Roasting: $0.40

Assembly & Fulfillment: $2.95

Producer Profit Share: $2.00

*All marketing language and images have been pre-approved by the producers.