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Long Miles Coffee Project Photographic Print Series

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After being disheartened by recent disparaging remarks about the countries of origin of many of the world's immigrants; we wanted to find a way to foster dignity, and love for Africa's coffee producers; more specifically Burundi. So we're excited to announce that we've partnered with our good friends of Long Miles Coffee Project.

This collaboration features Kristy Carlson's stunning ability to capture the beauty and humanity of Coffee producers in Burundi.  This photographic print series is printed on uncoated matte finish 14 pt. cardstock.

This six piece set includes:

  • Two 11"x 17" prints
  • One 8"x 8" print
  • One 9"x 12" print
  • Two 5"x 8" prints


The proceeds from this collaboration will benefit the Long Miles Coffee scouts; a program that is empowering and equipping previously unemployed youth to improve the quality of coffee and the livelihoods of coffee farming families in Burundi. We asked our coffee scouts to participate in #filtercoffeenotpeople because they are the kind of grassroots community changers that don't receive much fanfare but whose presence makes the world a better place- for coffee farmers and coffee drinkers alike.


We have lived as foreigners in Africa for close to 17 years. We were fresh out of our college years in the United States and craving adventure when we moved to Durban, South Africa in 2001. Little did we know that we’d spend ten years there and that all three of our children would claim Durban as their birthplace.

We then moved to Burundi in 2011 where we launched a coffee business founded out of a desire to see the potential of Burundi’s coffee unearthed and coffee farmers treated with more dignity and respect.

Living in South Africa and Burundi has taught us so much as a family, but it’s been the people within their borders that have taught us the most. As residents of Africa, we often shake our heads at the disconnect between the way we hear people talk about Africa and the place that we experience and call home. This happened again recently when Trump famously referenced Africa in the oval office. 

Africa is incredibly diverse. It contains fifty-four sovereign states, in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, and around 1.2 billion individuals. Africa is considered to be the oldest inhabited territory on Earth and is the undisputed birthplace of coffee. Each nation is as different as Nelson Mandela and Anwar El Sadat and Wangari Mathai, and so are the tastes and experiences within each border.

The world loves to lump all of Africa together and the story they are painting of the continent is sad and brutal. I’m not turning a blind eye to the hardships and atrocities of this continent, there are many, but I do think it’s time for us to recognize the beauty and diversity that Africa has brought and continues to bring into this world. 

Africa is not a nation... it is fifty-four nations each with their own heartbeat, people groups, languages, cultures and foods- and I, for one, think it’s the richest place on earth.

Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Congo, Madagascar, CAR, Nigeria, Ghana- next time you drink an African coffee remember that each country of origin processes a taste just as varied and unique as its people. Department of Brewology has done an excellent job asking us all to recognize the diversity found in humanity, which is why we were so thrilled to partner with them for this project. #filtercoffeenotpeople