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The Barn - Caballeros



The Barn is one of the leading coffee roasters, based in Berlin, Germany. 

*Price is inclusive of shipping. Item ships from Germany. 

Origin: La Paz, Honduras

Roast: Filter

Producer: Marysabel Caballero / Moises Herrera

Altitude: 1580 Meters

Varietal: Catuai

Process: Washed

Marysabel and Moses came a long way after marrying and starting farm work in 1996. Eight years later Caballeros won the Cup of Excellence. El Pantanal is our favourite plot and we have been buying it for several years now. Our microlot has only 360 kgs of finest green coffee. Flavours of dried fruit, fresh figs, belgian truffle chocolate and red currant are predominant. This coffee has a bold mouthfeel.
The farmers are applying a strict protocol and re-invest all their proceeds into more quality farm land around them. El Pantanal is facing east which gives the coffee trees more sun. We have visited them last in February 2018.