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The Barn - Los Chorros



The Barn is one of the leading coffee roasters, based in Berlin, Germany. 

*Price is inclusive of shipping. Item ships from Germany. 

Origin: Intibuca, Honduras

Roast: Filter

Producer: Roman Flores

Altitude: 1820 Meters

Varietal: Lempira

Process: Washed

Roman Flores has been dedicated to coffee since a young age. Lempira is a sub-variety of Catimor that is mainly found in Honduras. It shares its name with Honduras’ currency and the 16th century Lencan war chief who resisted Spanish colonialisation. The microlot we selected has wonderful flavours of red grapes, dark berries and vanilla. This coffee is very balanced and absolutely delicious.

Los Chorros is located in the mountains of Intibucá, Masaguara, in the south-west of Honduras. Cultivating 16 hectares of land with speciality coffee, Roman´s farm benefits from a favourable microclimate and nutritious soil.